Window Cleaning Robots: Yay or Nay?

Thinking about purchasing the WINBOT W730? Before you do, here’s our take on the window cleaning robot and whether we think it’s a YAY or a NAY.


WINBOT’s motor powered suction will stick to any thickness of glass including glass mirrors, glass doors, multi-story windows and even very large windows. The WINBOT W730 also comes with several lengths of extension cords which will allow you to clean most window heights. As well, its three-part cleaning process very closely mimics the cleaning process of professional cleaners.


The monitor induced suction may occasionally fail however, the window cleaning robot features safety line to prevent it from falling (although after reading several testimonials, many customers found that this safety line did not work and their WINBOT fell). The WINBOT also can’t work on beveled or concave windows because it cannot create a strong seal.


The WINBOT W730 cannot clean windows smaller than 18 inches wide and 24 inches tall because the sensors allow it to run at least that far before stopping. The WINBOT also only has a battery life of 15 minutes which extremely limits the number of windows you can clean before it needs a recharge. Finally, the WINBOT also goes through cleaning pads rather quickly, forcing you to incur the cost of restocking them frequently.


Ultimately, the WINBOT W730 offers some great benefits like its automated window cleaning for large and tall windows. However, its limited battery life and its inability to stick to all surfaces gives us enough of a reason to call this product a NAY.

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