Window Caulking

What can make your home more comfortable, save you money and help the environment too? No, it’s not a superpower, but it is window caulking and it’s easily installed by Aurum’s trained technicians. Proper insulation and caulking services help seal cracks around windows to prevent outside air from getting in which will save you money and give you several other benefits.

Benefits of Professional Window Caulking Services

While window caulking can be done by a homeowner, professional services will do so more efficiently with longer-lasting results. Our professional-grade equipment and expert methods ensure a better and more thorough seal. Other benefits include:

  • Energy Savings: According to Energy Star, your bills can be up to 20% higher due to improperly sealed windows. Even on small homes, this can result in hundreds of dollars on electricity bills each year.
  • Temperature Control: As homeowners, we often just put up with having hot and cold spots in a home, but imagine if you could sit by a window during winter without feeling chilled to the bone? This is what window caulking services are all about!
  • Reduced Allergens: Along with the air that cracks let in, there are also allergens like pollen and dust. Sealing these can spell relief for those with allergy sensitivities and asthma.
  • Moisture Control: Poorly sealed windows can let in moisture and humidity as well. This can lead to damage around wood elements and raise the humidity in your home, making it especially uncomfortable in summer.

Free Estimates on Window Caulking Services

No matter how large or small your home is, our team can quickly and efficiently seal your windows. We’ve been caulking windows for many years and know how to find problem areas with ease. When you call us, we’ll schedule an in-home assessment to determine your caulking needs. Get started by calling us at 1-800-749-0532.Worried about the cleanup? No problem! All of Aurum’s workmen are conscientious of the fact that they are guests on your property. They will stay out of your way while they work with full respect you, your family and your pets, and they will clean up after themselves. All you will have to do after we have left is sit back and enjoy your comfortable, draft-free windows.

For more information about our window caulking services and to book a no-obligation estimate, call us today and talk to one of our friendly customer service agents.

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