Want A Cleaner House? Don’t Do These 5 Things

We all want a spotlessly clean house all the time. The sad reality, though, is that when you have small children, pets, or an extremely messy spouse that vision of a perfect home may seem out of reach. We’ve tested the best cleaning tactics to keep your home in the best shape possible, but we found out that the most effective way to keep your home clean is by learning what NOT to do. Here are 5 things people with clean homes don’t do:

1. They Don’t Decorate Everything

Keeping certain places undecorated is not a bad thing. In fact, it will actually motivate you to clean the area more. When you are forced to move or clean around every little knick knack in your home, you’ll be less likely to do so. By doing this, you’ll also cut down on clutter and reduce dust build up! Oh, and your stress levels will be lower, too!

2. They Don’t Procrastinate

People who have spotless homes always tidy up a bit before they hit the sack. Regardless if it’s putting the dishes away or folding the laundry, when you put off your home care duties, it only leads to a bigger mess. We promise you will thank us in the morning!

3. They Don’t Save Papers

Yes, we understand that it’s possible that you might want to reread that magazine you already looked through two months ago but lets be honest, are you really going to? Clean homeowners automatically dispose of papers that aren’t of value to them any more. Junk mail instantaneously goes in through the shredder and old brochures are recycled. Those that are valuable are neatly scanned to a PDF on the computer, or filed away in a drawer.

4. They Don’t Have A Lot Of Pillows

Although pillows sometimes bring that pop of colour a room needs, most of the time they are falling to the floor or stashed in the corner of your bedroom because it is just too much work to put all 10 of them on your bed. What you can do is stash some of these pillows in a closet and bring them out when the room needs to be refreshed.

5. They Don’t Clean All In One Shot

When you leave clean-up to just one day of the week, its likely you’ll become overwhelmed by the mess. Instead, clean as you go from room to room on a daily basis. One day, pick up shoes or quickly wipe the sink down. Another day, straighten out your book shelf and organize your bathroom cabinet. You’ll quickly notice that there is less heavy lifting each week because the house stays clean.

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