Chandelier Cleaning Vancouver

Your chandelier, when properly maintained, can become a beautiful focal point for any room in your business. However, if neglected, that same light fixture can turn into little more than a dingy, dust covered hazard. With Aurum’s Vancouver chandelier cleaning, we make it easier than ever to maintain the luster of your light fixtures with efficient, expert service.

Importance of Professional Chandelier Cleaning, Vancouver

While aesthetic appeal is a major part of why it’s a good idea to get a thorough cleaning of your light fixtures, there are also other issues like the hazards of dust build up that you should be aware of. Problems associated with dirty light fixtures and the benefits of cleaning them include:

  • Extended Life of Bulbs: Buildup of dust can add to overheating of bulbs and decrease their light output. If your chandelier is on a dimmer switch, you may find yourself turning up the lights more than necessary to cut through the buildup of dust. Again, not only will this shorten the life of the bulbs but could also lead to greater electricity use.
  • Falling Dust: Caked on dust is bound to find its way back into the air or onto the flooring below. While this is already bad enough, if you have your chandelier over a dining table, that dust can be even more of a problem. You may find dust floating in the air or even larger dust balls falling onto your dinner table if you don’t address the issue.
  • Safer Cleaning: Aurum’s professional Vancouver chandelier cleaning ensures you get a superior clean efficiently and safely. Our professional equipment and training minimizes the risk of injury and damage.

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