Trying to Declutter? Chuck These 10 Things

We’re always looking to declutter our home and sometimes, it can be difficult. With some items, we have an emotional attachment to them that forbids us from throwing them away and for others, the possibility that we might need them in the future scares us into keeping them around. However, listed below are a few things you definitely can toss and all you need is ten minutes and a garbage bag while you take a lap around your home. We promise that letting it go will bring you satisfaction and bring order to your home. Here are 10 things to toss in less than 10 minutes.

  1. Socks without a match
  2. Food-storage containers without a lid
  3. DVDs you never watch
  4. Expired coupons
  5. Dried-out markers
  6. Baking supplies you’ll never use (i.e. apple pie spice or those three cupcake holders left over from the Fourth of July)
  7. T-shirts that are too big, which you said you would wear to bed but never do
  8. Trinkets from birthday-party goodie bags or the treasure chest at the dentist (mini Slinky toys, tiny erasers)
  9. Ketchup and soy sauce packets
  10. Chipped plates

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