Solar Panel Cleaning, Toronto

Your solar panels are an excellent investment in your company and community. You can protect that investment with Aurum’s Toronto solar panel cleaning. Toronto business owners will increase the efficiency and longevity of their panels with our comprehensive services.

Gold’s Green Initiative

Aurum is dedicated to keeping our customers and community healthier and happier. That’s why we took the skills and equipment we use for high rise window cleaning and applied them to cleaning solar panels. We realized that, while many owners were doing a good thing by installing the panels, they weren’t also maintaining them for optimal efficiency. There was still so much energy to be saved!

Along with this, we do everything possible to make sure our onsite work and day-to-day operations are environmentally sound. Our policy of reusing and recycling materials is combined with reduced fuel consumption and paper use for a better environment for all.

Why Do You Need Solar Panel Cleaning, Toronto?

Your solar panels are energy-efficient powerhouses, but they need some help to meet their full potential. As they age, their guaranteed efficiency rate decreases. However, you can reach that maximum by ensuring they are dirt and debris free. Things like wet leaves and caked on dirt simply won’t wash away with rain or, if they do, it will take a great deal of time. During that time, you’ll be losing out on clean, affordable energy. Aurum’s Toronto solar panel cleaning ensures you can save more on your electricity bills while also helping the environment.

Complete Exterior Maintenance

Along with Toronto solar panel cleaning, we also offer vent cleaning, gutter cleaning and window washing. Combining two or more of our maintenance options helps to keep your business even more efficient and beautiful.

To learn more about what the Aurum difference can do for your business, call us at  800-749-0532 for quick, friendly service and a free cost estimate!