Commercial Marble Restoration Toronto

With Aurum Property Care, you can bring your marble surfaces to life. As many property managers already know, the condition of your commercial building speaks volumes to the quality of your business. For instance, having sparklingly clean marble surfaces will add a sense of prestige and an aura of professionalism in the minds of guests when they walk in. Here at Aurum, we truly do it all. From polishing lobbies to repairing damaged units, you can trust us to deliver spotless results every time.

The Aurum Advantage for Marble Restoration, Toronto

Our fully trained, insured, and certified technicians will restore your marble surfaces with one main objective in mind: to make your commercial property look like new again. If your stone is damaged or dull-looking, don’t fret! Allow Aurum Property Care to put our professional materials and technical skill to the test. We ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee with these other advantages:

Professional Grade Products: We use professional products and tools that are safe for you and your home while giving you superior shine.

Trained and Insured Technicians: Our crew members are trained to provide the best, most efficient service. On the rare chance that something does go wrong, we also carry all necessary insurance to cover property damage and injury.

Safety: Our professional cleaning also ensures you don’t have to risk injury by using heavy machinery or climbing up on a ladder to reach high up marble surfaces.

Experience the Aurum Difference

Toronto property managers trust to Aurum Property Care to polish and restore their marble surfaces. Contact us at 800-749-0532 to find out more about all of our services and request a FREE quote.

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