Gutter Guard Toronto

Make home maintenance easier than ever with Toronto gutter guard installation from Aurum . Cleaning gutters is no one’s favorite task but with our premium guards you can greatly reduce the need for regular cleaning while giving your home superior protection from rain runoff.

Purpose of Toronto Gutter Guard System

In short, your gutters protect your home and guards protect your gutters from clogs. We install both spiked plastic gutter guards and metal grate style ones. Both have advantages and are designed to keep large debris from settling in your gutters while still allowing water to pass through and into your drain spout. Keeping your gutters unclogged ensures water is directed away from your home’s foundation.

Benefits of Installing a Gutter Guard, Toronto

Between rainy spring weather and heavy snowfall in winter, Toronto gutter guard installation is an important way to reduce gutter cleaning needs while still protecting your home from water damage.
Their benefits include:Easy Maintenance: While gutter guards don’t completely eliminate the need for cleaning, they do greatly reduce it. This can add up to major time and money savings whether you clean the gutters yourself or hire someone.

Safety: If you clean your gutters yourself, guards can save you on maintenance and on the risks associated with balancing on a ladder for long periods of time. Not only is falling a risk, but muscle strain and injury from reaching can also be a problem.

Ice Prevention: Having clogged gutters in winter can mean ice formation which can damage your gutters. Guards prevent this.

Fire Safety: If a fire starts in or on your home, dry leaves in gutters will act as kindling. Guards keep the leaves out and will slow the spread of flames.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We back all our gutter maintenance and guard installations with a complete satisfaction promise. Aurum takes pride in the part we play in keeping your home safe and secure.Call us at 800-749-0532 to request a no-obligation estimate.