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Your sneezing fit might be your carpet’s fault. Even with regular vacuuming your carpet will still harbor plenty of unsanitary debris. Consider all the shoes that traipse over the carpet in your business every day and it’s no wonder why allergies and asthma are flaring up. Remove those allergens and start breathing easy with Aurum’s expert Toronto carpet cleaning!

The Aurum Guarantee: Carpet Cleaning, Toronto

Aurum is committed to your 100% satisfaction in all our services. To ensure you get the best Toronto carpet cleaning, each job we do includes:

  • Superior, Longer Lasting Clean: Our products are designed to remove dirt from deep within your carpet fibers to ensure a better clean from the start. We then apply a protective carpet guard over your freshly cleaned business to keep dirt and allergens from sticking and building up.
  • Professional Products and Techniques: Aurum works hard to develop products and implement methods that give you a superior result over do-it-yourself style carpet cleaning. It’s the kind of clean you can depend on to give you better air quality, resist stains and be well worth the money.
  • Complimentary Carpet Guard: We finish each Toronto carpet cleaning job with our professional quality carpet guard, free of charge! This guard helps to protect your carpet from stains and dirt for longer.
  • Green Products: Aurum’s commitment to the environment is as strong as our pledge to our customers. This is why we use the power of citrus to give you a healthier, brighter clean instead of harsh chemicals.

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Are you ready to see what the Aurum difference can do for your carpet cleaning? Toronto business owners can call us at 800-749-0532 to speak to our expert staff about all of our interior and exterior maintenance services

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