Top 3 reasons leave power washing pros

They may sell power washers at the local hardware store, but that does not mean a commercial or residential property owner should tackle the task of pressure washing on their own. Pressure (power) washing can be surprisingly dangerous.

A recent news story published by ABC News highlighted the unsuspecting dangers of power washing. They go on to state that more than 6,000 people were sent to the emergency room in 2014 alone because of power washing injuries.

Consumer Reports has even issued a product warning for owners of pressure washers. They cite an instance where a power washer’s owner sliced open his hand while using what seems to be a harmless piece of equipment.

While pressure washing parking lots, equipment, and the exterior of your property seems like a money-saving opportunity, it is most certainly something that should be left to the professionals.

1. Professionals Can Clean Without Causing Damage

There is plenty a pressure washer can clean, but when used improperly it can cause significant harm. Not only can it cut through human flesh, but also the high-powered spray of a pressure washer can damage stucco, siding, roofing materials, plant life, and window screens.

Professionals know how to clean without leaving damage behind.

2. Experts Know What And How To Clean

In addition to the expertise, a professional knows what should be cleaned, when it should be cleaned, and the proper way to do so.

For example, most property managers are unaware that they need to power wash the parking garage before winter, or pressure wash leaves and debris off the rooftops before the first snow falls.

Also, power washers that you buy and rent in Canada are cold water. Cold water is not sufficient for cleaning; which is why professionals use hot water pressure washers.

According to ConstructionWeekOnline, hot pressure washers accelerate the cleaning process, use fewer detergents, and are more gentle on delicate surfaces.

3. Professionals Save Time, Money, and Environmental Impact

Pressure washing professionals follow the latest environmental regulations. They know how to reduce liabilities, save on disposal costs, and use the least amount of water possible while providing their customers with the cleaning they need.

When items are properly pressure washed once a year, they do not need chemical-based cleaners to get the job done. They are faster too. A professional can do what takes a layperson an entire day to complete in as little as a few hours.

Hire The Pros For Your Building’s Pressure Washing Needs

If you have grime or dirt accumulating on your walkways, or it is time to wash out your parking lot, now is the time to contact a professional.

Cleaning up dirt and debris in the fall before it has a chance to freeze to sidewalks will save you plenty of hassle (and potential slip and falls). Also, a professional power washing will certainly boost your curb appeal.

Request an estimate for pressure washing by contacting Aurum Window Cleaning. Call us at 800-749-0532 or send us an email for more information.

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