Solar Panel Cleaning

Caring for your solar panels isn’t just an investment in your business; it’s a way to preserve the resources of your whole community. To maximize the benefits of these panels, you need professional solar panel cleaning. By cleaning solar panels regularly, Aurum allows your panels to work more efficiently, generating more free and environmentally-friendly energy for your property.

Is Cleaning Solar Panels Really Necessary?

It may seem that solar panels would get clean enough from rainwater, but that simply isn’t true. Not only does rainwater not provide enough pressure to move dirt and debris, it can create even more streaks and turn dirt into mud. Flat panels are especially vulnerable to this buildup of grime since they have no slant to help move dirt down.


Benefits of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Optimal Energy Generating: Most people don’t realize that the amount of energy that is estimated by the solar panel manufacturer is specifically based on panels that are cleaned regularly. As your panels age, they will naturally lose some of their efficiency, but maintenance can reduce this problem.
  • Lowered Monthly Bills: According to The World Academy of Science, Engineering & Technology, up to 25% of efficiency can be lost due to dirt build up on panels. Depending on the size of your property, this could amount to hundreds or even thousands extra added to your electricity bill.
  • Maintaining Warranty: Property cleaning is so important that many manufacturers require proof of professional maintenance before they will honor a warranty. Your panels were a major investment and keeping their warranty valid could save you a small fortune in the future.


How Often Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

Frequency of cleaning solar panels varies depending on several factors. You may have specific stipulations in your warranty that make it necessary at specific intervals or, if you have flat panels, you may notice you have to do it even more frequently to avoid higher electricity bills.

For the most accurate estimate of when to clean your panels, call the Aurum experts at 1-800-749-0532. We offer a no-obligation assessment to determine your solar panels’ cleaning needs.

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