Commercial Window Caulking


As you walk past a window in your office, you feel a slight draft. That tiny bit of air can’t be doing that much harm though, can it? Unfortunately, yes it can. Improperly sealed windows account for up to a 20% increase in heating and cooling bills! This can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a large, commercial property. Aurum helps make your business more cost-effective and environmentally friendly with our professional Saskatoon window caulking services.

Save Money, Save the Environment with Expert Window Caulking, Saskatoon

Not only will you save money directly from your lowered energy bills, you may also be able to claim an energy credit when you make improvements like this to your business. Additionally, many customers seek out environmentally conscious companies to do business with. Being able to tell people that you are making strides to go green could result in an influx of new customers.

Saskatoon Window Caulking for Better Work Conditions 

Being able to control the temperature in your commercial property is an essential part of making it better for your employees and customers. For employees in an office building where people spend many hours sitting at a computer, a to hot or cold room can decrease productivity, focus and energy. In a retail environment, this is also a problem. Consider how uncomfortable it is attempting to try on clothes in a humid, warm store. By caulking windows properly, you can ensure a more uniform temperature throughout your commercial space for a better experience for all.

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