Solar Panel Cleaning, Saskatoon

Stop relying on rainwater to clean your solar panels. Not only is rain not efficient at cleaning, it can sometimes even make your panels worse. Instead, get Aurum’s Saskatoon solar panel cleaning services. Our dedication to going greening and helping the environment has led us to offer the best in solar panel maintenance options for you and our community.

What’s Gold Doing to Go Green?

Along with our Saskatoon solar panel cleaning, we’ve made great strides in creating a greener, more energy efficient working environment in our offices and on our job sites. A few of our approaches include:

  • Advanced Fuel Savings: We conserve fuel in two major ways; we use technology to choose the best times to send our crews out to different locations to avoid traffic and save gas. Additionally, we no longer need to send someone out in order to give an estimate. Instead, this can be done right from our office which saves time and money.
  • Reduced Paper Use: We issues bills and documents electronically whenever possible to avoid wasting paper.
  • Reusing and Recycling: What we can’t reuse, we recycle.
  • Energy Saving Electronics: In each of our offices, our crews use electronics that meet or exceed Energy Star certified ratings. This means they are certified by the government-backed program for energy-efficiency standards.

Why You Should Get Professional Saskatoon Solar Panel Cleaning

Along with increased efficiency of up to 25% more energy generating power, there is one very basic reason to get regular cleaning: your warranty may require it. Many solar panel manufacturers stipulate that you must get your panels professionally cleaned to keep your warranty current. They know that cleaning is such a huge part of extended the life and performance of your panels that they make this a requirement.

Stay current with your solar panel warranty needs and decrease your energy bills with Aurum’s solar panel cleaning. Saskatoon area businesses, call us at 800-749-0532 to receive a fast, free estimate!

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