Snow Removal Saskatoon

If you’ve spent a winter in the city then you know Saskatoon is no stranger to snow. While the best way to enjoy the snow is by looking at it through a window while you’re bundled up inside, Aurum knows that our customers simply can’t do that most days. This is why we offer the best in environmentally sound Saskatoon snow removal services. We help your business keep running and your employees and customers safe during chilly weather.

Why You Need Professional Saskatoon Snow Removal

Saskatoon’s heavy snowfall and icy temperatures make it imperative for you to be on top of maintaining your property during winter. Not only is an icy, snow walkway or parking lot inconvenient and unsafe, it could also be grounds for a legal case if someone is injured.

Your Legal Responsibility: If you own a property, it is your job to maintain the parking lot, walkways and other areas where employees and customers could fall. Even with car accidents, an insurance company may refuse to pay out if the crash was a result of your failure to remove ice and snow from the parking lot. Instead, the person who was in the crash will seek payment from you.

Lost Work and Revenue: Even if it doesn’t result in an injury, a snowy parking lot may deter customers from coming in. Employees may also have similar problems, including damaging their cars trying to get through the snow.

Protect Your Business with the Gold Guarantee

Aurum makes sure you, your employees and your customers never have to deal with injuries inconvenience due to heavy snow again. We offer unlimited Saskatoon snow removal each season so you never have to worry about if we will be coming out. Call us at 1-800-749-0532 to find out more about our guarantee and to request a free estimate!

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