Gutter Guard Saskatoon

Upgrade your gutters with professionally installed gutter guards. If you’ve ever found yourself wasting an entire afternoon (or longer) cleaning gunk from your gutters, then you know what a game changer gutter protection can be. Aurum’s premium gutter guards greatly reduce the need for regular cleaning and minimize the risk of a gutter clog. This is better for your home, your gutters and your free time.

Benefits of Installing a Gutter Guard, Saskatoon

Eliminate Clogs: While a clog could still technically happen, guards make it much more difficult and if you get the right kind of guard for your home, it is even less likely.

Reduction in Maintenance: Unguarded gutters must be cleaned, on average, twice a year. Guards reduce this to once every three to five years.

Prevents Rust and Sagging: While gutters are meant to last for quite some time, they can be damaged when they aren’t properly cleaned and cared for. Guards prevent wet debris from hanging around in your guards which stops rust and sagging.

Prevents Nest Building: Birds, insects and, occasionally, other creatures will set up camp in untended gutters. All the leaves that make your gutters not function as well, serve as cozy nest building materials for these critters. Not only do guards keep that debris out, it also eliminates the space where animals would set up shop

Professional Saskatoon Gutter Guard Installation

For expert service and products call on the pros at Aurum . Our dedicated team will assess your home, gutters and property determine which gutter guards are perfect for your home. We take your budget, schedule and preferences into consideration and offer you the best solutions for you. Aurum will also clean your gutters before installing the guards for simple, one step installation. To learn more about gutter guards and gutter cleaning, call us at 800-749-0532 to receive a free, no-obligation estimate!

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