Festive Lights, Saskatoon

Shine brighter this season with Aurum’s Saskatoon festive lights. Saskatoon area businesses can attract customers and create a presence within the community with our professional, customized lighting designs. We make it easy to impress your customers by doing everything for you, start to finish, for your holiday decorating.

Why Advertise with Saskatoon Festive Lights?

Attract Foot Traffic: Holiday lighting does more than just make your business look nicer; it helps announce your presence and advertise your business. Consider how many people walk or drive by your store every day during the holiday season. Standing out from your neighboring businesses is imperative for success and this can be accomplished with the right lighting scheme.

High Visibility: Unlike other advertising forms, your holiday lights can be seen easily at night. Considering how little daylight there is compared to night during the winter, this can be huge advantage for your advertising goals.

Cost-Effective: The amount of people that will see your lights versus the amount you spend, makes this form of advertising quite cheap compared to other ways.

Increase Presence in the Community: If you’re a new business or an older business who doesn’t attract many locals, then holiday decorating is an ideal way to create a presence in the community.  This is also a way to make your business seem warmer and more inviting, something that can be difficult to do for certain businesses and building types, like a dental office located in a plain brick building.

Holiday Atmosphere: Not only is a holiday atmosphere pretty, it also puts a lot of people in the mood to shop as they think of how fleeting this time of year is and the loved ones they want to buy for.

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