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Never settle for ineffective, chemical laden carpet cleaners again. Aurum is committed to doing our part to keep this city healthier and greener with our environmentally friendly Saskatoon carpet cleaning services. We’ve done away with synthetically scented cleaners and instead, use the antibacterial and freshening properties of citrus to give you a natural, more effective clean.

When to Get Carpet Cleaning, Saskatoon

There are general guidelines for carpet cleaning, generally ranging from two to four times a year. However, especially with commercial properties, there are factors that could increase this amount. These include:

  • Warranty Requirements: Many manufacturers will stipulate that their carpet must be cleaned at a certain frequency to keep the warranty valid. Professional cleaning is so important to the life of your carpet that this is a justifiable requirement.
  • Amount of Foot Traffic: Some businesses, like retail stores, experience far higher volume of foot traffic than perhaps an office building. If this is true of your business, or if you’ve recently had a large event with tons of people, it can be a good time to get it cleaned.
  • Animals: If your business allows pets , carpet cleaning should be done more frequently to combat a buildup of pet dander and any residue from accidents.
  • Specific Businesses: Restaurants and any business where food is prepared will need cleaning more often due to grease and odors in the air that can settle into the fibers. Medical facilities are also good candidates for more frequent cleaning to keep allergens at bay.

Keeping up on your carpet maintenance is easy once you hire our experts. Aurum can send you reminds and book cleanings in advance so you never have to think about your carpet’s cleanliness again. To get started with this or any of our maintenance services, call us at 800-749-0532 to receive a free quote!

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