Window Cleaning San Antonio, Texas

It’s no secret that sunshine is a mood-booster. What tends to be ignored is the fact that dirty windows can prevent you from getting more of those healing rays. While San Antonio does get plenty of sun, the heat and other life circumstances force us to be inside more. Because of this, it’s imperative to have sparkling clean windows to maximize the amount of sun you get while stuck indoors. Aurum is committed to providing superior window cleaning, San Antonio residents can count on to increase the beauty of their home, inside and out.

When to Get Professional Window Cleaning, San Antonio Texas

Multiple factors go into how often your residential windows should be cleaned, including weather conditions in your area. In San Antonio, that can mean everything from rain splatters to dirt and dust blown by the wind. Tree sap, birds, insects air pollution and other elements can also contribute to your windows getting dirty. If you get any kind of chemicals sprayed around your home to control weeds or bugs, these may also get on your windows and muck them up.

Generally, homeowners should get their windows cleaned about twice a year. If you live off of a main road you may get more dirt accumulation and might have to do it more often.  Frequency also depends on your preference and how often you find yourself looking out your windows.

The Aurum Difference

Aurum is committed to your 100% satisfaction guarantee and we ensure this with:

  • Comprehensive insurance up to $5 million dollars
  • All proper certifications and workplace safety considerations are in place
  • Expert hand cleaning of all window parts including ledges, frames and dividers

Are you ready to experience the Aurum difference for your window cleaning? San Antonio, Texas residents can call us today at 800-749-0532 to receive a free quote!

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