Window Caulking, San Antonio

Have you checked your window caulking lately? If that seems like a silly question, then you’re like most homeowners who don’t really think about their windows until there’s a problem. While expert San Antonio window caulking from Aurum can last for many years, there are elements that erode caulking and make it less effective and make it necessary to check on it. To prevent problems like energy loss, water damage and bug infestations due to leaky windows, call on Aurum for professional caulking treatment.

When to Get Window Caulking, San Antonio

There are a variety of factors that go into how often you need to have your windows re-caulked. Here are some guidelines to go by if you’re unsure:New Homes: If you’re home is only a few years old and it still has the original caulk, you may need to have it redone. This is because, after that first year, your home will have settled quite a bit and various elements will have shifted, causing caulking to come loose.

Established: Under normal conditions, an older home will need caulking about every 5 years though many factors can make this time shorter or longer.

Abnormal Conditions: As we mentioned, 5 years works for typical homes, but what if your home isn’t typical? For example, If you live in an area where there was extended drought followed by heavy rains then your windows probably took a good deal of abuse and could probably use new caulk.

Call the Experts

If you haven’t considered caulking for your home in many years, it’s likely that it could be improved. Call on Aurum and our professionals will assess your windows for weak spots in the seal then give recommendations on what should be done.Instantly improve your energy savings and comfort of your home with expert San Antonio window caulking from Aurum . Call 800-749-0532 for a free quote!

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