Solar Panel Cleaning San Antonio

Protect your solar panel investment and increase energy efficiency with San Antonio solar panel cleaning. San Antonio companies with solar panels do a lot of good for the health of their business, their employees and their environment, but without proper cleaning the panels’ performance suffers greatly.

How Often Should I get San Antonio Solar Panel Cleaning?

With an urban/suburban area like San Antonio, you can typically get away with cleaning about every 6-8 months. However, if you have panels that are more horizontal than slanted, you may need to have them cleaned more often since they are not tilted enough to let any debris slide off.
Factors that change how often you clean your panels include:Electricity Costs: If electricity is more expensive in your area, then it makes sense to clean your panels to make them more efficient, and have your business rely even less on electricity.

Tilt of Panels: If you have steeply slanted panels then they won’t trap as much debris and can, possibly, be cleaned less frequently.

Warranty Requirements: Cleaning your panels is so important that most manufacturers require you to have proof of regular cleaning in order to make a claim. Depending on your warranty, you may need more frequent cleanings.

Drought: While rain alone isn’t enough to clean your panels, it does help. If there is little to no rain, then cleaning may be needed sooner.

Amount of Dust and Debris Blown: If there tends to be a lot of dirt and dust in the area, then this is getting deposited right on your panels. An increased number of trees can also add to the amount of debris, especially if you have horizontal panels.

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