Gutter Cleaning San Antonio

Along with heat comes lots of humidity and eventual flooding in San Antonio. Between debris from trees planted for shade, and the eventual precipitation, the gutters around your home take on a lot. This is why professional San Antonio gutter cleaning is so necessary and Aurum is committed to providing the best in gutter services for the Alamo City.

What Do Gutters Do Exactly?

Gutters, in short, collect rainwater that lands on the roof and directs it away from your home. This might not seem like that important of a job but, if that water doesn’t get redirected, then it’s likely going to end up in the ground around you home. After that, some will end up in your crawlspace or basement, weakening the foundation.

While San Antonio does have issues with drought, it also has heavy rain times and flooding. This makes it imperative to have a good gutter system and gutter cleaning. San Antonio residents should expect to have their gutters cleaned about twice a year to prevent clogging and other problems.

When to Get Gutter Cleaning, San Antonio

How Often: Generally, most homes can do with a bi-annual gutter cleaning. San Antonio homes are likely to need this unless you have a great deal of trees, especially pine trees which shed a lot more. In that case, you may need them cleaned up to four times a year.

When: On a bi-annual schedule, it tends to be best to get your gutters cleaned at the beginning of spring and fall. This allows us to get your gutters debris free before any heavy rains come, making water damage more likely and debris harder to remove.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Aurum trains, certifies and insures our technicians in all appropriate areas to ensure their safety and yours. We take every measure possible to give each of our customers complete, 100% satisfactory service.To find out more about Aurum’s superior, San Antonio gutter cleaning, call us at 800-749-0532!

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