Chandelier Cleaning San Antonio

Prolong the life and beauty of your chandelier with local, San Antonio chandelier cleaning from Aurum . Whether you have a sleek and modern chandelier or an elegant antique, our trained technicians can get and keep your fixture looking gorgeous for years to come.

San Antonio Chandelier Cleaning for All Chandelier Types

Chandeliers commonly employ crystal and glass to illuminate your room with a stunning prism effect, though modern versions use more direct lighting. These decorative light fixtures usually include brass or other metals and even wood. A cleaning solution that might be good for one of these materials may ruin another. This is why Aurum uses a range of techniques and products to get the best results for each chandelier type. We service all hanging light fixture types including:Chandeliers in Vaulted Ceilings: Light fixtures that are located in a high ceiling are not only difficult but dangerous to clean on your own. Let our trained and insured experts handle the job to ensure your and your home’s safety.

Shaded Chandeliers: We’ll polish metal pieces and hand dust each shade.

Crystal Chandeliers: Removing dust from the glass pieces will help your chandelier cast a brighter, more brilliant glow to your room.

Modern Chandeliers: Not all chandeliers are ornate, towering structures. Some are quite simple and may only have a single bulb with decorative elements around it.

Small Ceiling Light Fixtures: A ceiling fixture doesn’t have to be large to be considered a chandelier and we’re equipped to handle these smaller light sources with ease.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Chandelier Cleaning, San Antonio

Aurum is committed to providing the best in local San Antonio chandelier cleaning and back up all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.Call us at 800-749-0532 to learn more and receive a free quote!

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