Commercial Window Caulking


Combat the winter chill in Regina with professional window caulking. Regina commercial property owners can save hundreds each year by properly sealing windows to improve temperature control.  This is good for your business, employees and customers and the environment.

Improve Business and Working Environment with Regina Window Caulking

Have you noticed one or more of your employees bundled up in a sweater year-round? During the winter this could be from drafts and during the summer your air conditioning is working overtime to ward off the heat seeping in through window cracks.

Constantly having to adjust to unpleasant temperatures makes it harder to concentrate on work. Both too hot and too cold environments can lead to a lack of focus and energy as well. This isn’t relegated to just employees either, customers won’t want to hang around shopping if they’re sweating or freezing while trying on clothes or browsing through products.

Other Benedits of Window Caulking, Regina

  • Lowered Energy Bills: Our customers save an average of 15-20% on their heating and cooling bills after having their windows caulked. This adds up to hundreds each year, or even more when you have a sprawling, commercial property.

  • Better Temperature Control: Often when you have window gaps, the air coming in won’t make the room universally warm or cold. It will, instead, cause the room to be hottest or coldest in certain areas so it’s harder to create a consistent level of comfort.

  • Better Air Quality: Outside air brings a host of allergies in with it and during high pollen times, window gaps can lead to increased allergy symptoms and discomfort.

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