Solar Panel Cleaning, Regina

Solar panels are a great money and environment saving investment. While these energy generating powerhouses are built to last and come with good warranties, they still need help to reach their max potential. Aurum’s Regina solar panel cleaning services make it easy to protect your investment and get the most from it. Our experienced team can advise you on how and when to get them cleaned for the best results.

How Often Do You Need Professional Regina Solar Panel Cleaning?

There are several factors that go into deciding how often your panels should be cleaned, these include:

  • Warranty Requirements: Cleaning is such an essential part of maintaining your panels that many manufacturers will stipulate that you must have them professional serviced in order to keep your warranty valid. Typically, a warranty will require you to have them cleaned every 6-8 months.
  • Flat Vs. Slanted: Flat panels often require more frequent cleaning due to the fact that they are less able to rid themselves of debris than slanted panels are.
  • Rising Energy Bills: If you notice your bills are increasing it might be because of dirty panels. To reduce your bills, more frequent cleaning may be needed.
  • Abundance of Dust and Dirt: Conditions for this will change throughout the year but, generally, if you can see dirt on the panels then it’s time to clean.
  • Weather Considerations: Periods of drought can increase the dirt on your windows due to the lack of rain. While rain won’t clean panels entirely, it does play a part and its absence will allow more dirt to accumulate.

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