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Are you doing all you can to give your customers a good first impression? Many businesses, even when they have regular cleaning services, neglect to have professional carpet cleaning. This is a mistake because, while you’ve likely gotten used to how your carpet looks, a customer entering your establishment for the first time is more likely to see how worn and dingy it is. Without proper Regina carpet cleaning, your rug may also be trapping and releasing allergens into the air and may even be causing a musty odor. Avoid this with Aurum’s professional carpet services and maintenance.

Facts About Carpet Cleaning, Regina

  • We Use Only Environmentally Friendly Products: Our carpet cleaning solutions are formulated with the antibacterial properties of citrus which not only cleans your carpet, but also gives it a fresh, clean scent without synthetic materials

  • When to Get Your Carpet Cleaned: On average, most businesses need professional cleaning two to four times a year. However, if your business has heavy foot traffic or allows pets, you may need it more frequently. Carpet in restaurants and hotels are both prone to picking up stains and odors and typically need cleaning more often.

  • Some Manufacturers Require Professional Carpet Cleaning: Regina business owners might get a bad surprise if they skip cleanings then try to make a claim on their carpet’s warranty. Many manufacturers require proof of professional cleaning to keep their warranties valid because cleaning is such a huge part of what extends the life of the carpet.

Regina Carpet Cleaning, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Get the clean your business deserves with our professional services and products. Aurum is committed to our customers, the environment and to the city of Regina. We do everything possible to ensure your 100% satisfaction and will work to make sure you get the best possible results. Learn more about what the Aurum promise means by calling us at 800-749-0532.

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