Solar Panel Cleaning Orlando

How much difference does Orlando solar panel Cleaning really make? You may find yourself asking this and thinking that a layer of dirt and dust can’t do that much to affect the effectiveness of solar panels. However, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, dirt can reduce energy output by 25%! This means 25% more of your energy needs to come from electricity which isn’t good for your wallet of the environment.

Does Your Warranty Depend on Regular Cleaning?

Solar panel maintenance is so important that many manufacturers require you to show proof of regular cleanings to make claims on a warranty. Neglecting your cleaning not only raises your electricity bills and reduces your efficiency, it may also be voiding your warranty. This means you’ll be left without repair or replacement options from the manufacturers.

How Often Should You Get Orlando Solar Panel Cleaning?

For urban and suburban areas like Orlando, it’s generally recommended to get your panels cleaned every 6-8 months. However, several factors can change this:Flat Panels: If your panels don’t have much of a slant, then they are going to be more prone to collecting dirt and debris which will make them require more frequent cleaning.

Electricity Bills: If your bills are very high for electricity, it can be worth it to pay for more frequent cleanings to reduce them.

Drought: Orlando gets its fair share of rain, but for drier times that can be when panels start to lose effectiveness.

Airborne Dirt and Debris: If there tends to be a lot of dirt and leaves blown by winds near you then this may also increase the buildup on your panels.

Satisfaction Guarantee for Solar Panel Cleaning, Orlando

Aurum is committed to helping you and the environment by backing all of our work with the “Gold Guarantee.” We’re committed to your 100% satisfaction and will always work with you to achieve the best results. Call us at 800-749-0532 to request a no obligation quote.

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