Chandelier Cleaning Orlando

Chandeliers offer an elegant focal point and brilliant light source for any room. However, cleaning them can prove to be tedious or even dangerous depending on where they are located in your home. To avoid wasting your time or risking your safety on a ladder, call Aurum for superior chandelier cleaning. Orlando residents can receive a free quote when they call 800-749-0532!

The Best in Orlando Chandelier Cleaning

Aurum is equipped to handle all hanging light fixture types with specialty tools, techniques and products. We understand the intricacies of cleaning a chandelier that is made of multiple materials and will service each element of your fixture properly. Our guarantee for our local Orlando chandelier cleaning includes:Safe Cleaning Products: We use only the best cleaning products that strive to be safe for you, your home and the environment to ensure you get more than just a clean chandelier, you get a better home.

Insured Technicians: Each of our technicians is expertly trained and is insured against workplace injury and damage if something should go wrong with your Orlando chandelier cleaning.

Better Techniques: We specialize in cleaning your whole chandelier and use professional techniques for every material involved to get optimal results.

Superior Shine: We help to restore your chandelier to its former glory by removing dust and smudges from glass elements and polishing brass to a high sheen.

Efficient and Affordable Service: Aurum works around your schedule to offer the best in convenience to save you time as well as money.  When you call us, we’ll work with you to meet your budget needs and give you an accurate estimate so there are no surprises at the end of the job.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Orlando Chandelier Cleaning

Aurum strives to give complete satisfaction to each of our customers with quality service and care. Experience the Aurum difference when you contact us at 800-749-0532.

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