Carpet Cleaning Orlando

Prolong the life of your carpet with expert Orlando carpet cleaning from Aurum . Not only does professional cleaning remove dirt and allergens from your carpet, it can prolong the longevity of the fibers themselves. Our bio-friendly citrus based sanitizer will clean your carpet without harming the environment and leave the whole room smelling fresh and new.

The Aurum Advantage

Aurum backs all of our Orlando carpet cleaning services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get the brighter, healthier home you deserve. To make your satisfaction possible we provide the following for each job we do:Environmentally-Friendly Products: Aurum uses the power of citrus to sanitize your carpet for a superior clean that is healthier for you and the environment. Our surfactant, which helps to wet the area, is also bio-friendly.

FREE Carpet Guard: With every job, we apply a free carpet guard that helps to shield against airborne allergens and bacteria from sticking to your floor.

Long-Lasting Clean: Our complimentary carpet guard helps your carpet stay fresher longer, extending the time between cleanings and giving you a healthier home.

Expert Service: Each of our technicians is trained and experienced in proper carpet care techniques to give you fast, effective service.

Orlando Carpet Cleaning Frequency

Depending on a variety of factors in your home, we recommend between two and four cleanings per year. This will vary if you have excessive spills, multiple pets or other issues that lead to excessive staining, odor and allergens. At an absolute bare minimum, you will want to have an annual cleaning since this is often what carpet manufacturers require to keep your warranty valid.

When you’re ready for a healthier home, get the carpet cleaning Orlando residents can trust from Aurum .Call us today at 800-749-0532 to learn more about what we can do for your carpets and receive a free quote!

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