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Aurum has specialized in residential window cleaning services for the past ten years. Aurum uses only eco-friendly cleaning solutions on the interior, exterior, window ledges, dividers and frames, ensuring your windows get an environmentally-friendly spot- and streak-free shine every time, taking the tedious task of window cleaning off your to-do list in one detailed visit. At Aurum, our mission is to consistently provide the highest quality of service to our valued customers. Aurum technicians are experienced cleaning a variety of window types from sliding doors, basement windows, bay windows, french windows, skylights, third-story windows and much more. Aurum has professional equipment to clean and shine all types of windows, inside and out. 


Mississuaga aurum window cleaning services

Windows We Specialise in

  • Sliding & Patio Doors
  • Bay Windows
  • Sky Lights
  • French & Storm Windows
  • Third & Fourth Story Windows
  • Patio & Glass Railings

Why Choose Aurum Window Cleaning, Mississuaga

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Convenience and Client Satisfaction


Professionally Trained Team

Extends the lifespan of your window

  • Dirt and grime left on windows for extended periods of time makes the frames and glass vulnerable to becoming fragile from oxidation and other elements. Window glass absorbs environmental elements over time, risking scratches, stains and/or damage to windows if they are not annually and professionally maintained.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

  • Aurum not only makes sure your windows shine longer and stronger, our premium and always environmentally-safe products make it a healthy choice for you, your family and the environment.

Heating Costs

  • Sunlight reflects off of dirt and smudges left on windows for extended periods. Ultimately this makes cleaning your windows more difficult and more costly to heat the inside of your home, especially during a typical Canadian winter because it blocks sunlight from getting through. Aurum helps to ensure your home is warm inside when its cold outside and helps you reduce home heating costs.


  • Our residential window cleaning professionals work around your schedule! Aurum professionals can clean your windows even when you’re not at home and provide you with 48-hour Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • Clean windows allow more sunlight into your home which brightens it up and contributes to overall curb appeal inside and out. 

When should your windows be cleaned?

At Aurum, we recommend window cleaning twice a year. At the beginning of spring and the start of fall. An Aurum window cleaning professional will clean your windows with eco-friendly, high-quality products that will eliminate dirt and streaks that build up over both the winter and summer months and keep your windows shining all year round. With ten years in the window cleaning business and customer satisfaction policies you can trust Aurum’s window cleaning technicians to provide great service. Our Mississauga window cleaning services live up to the gold standard we are known for.

The importance of hiring a Mississauga professional window cleaning team?

Glass is a porous substance. Gradually, dirt will erode the surface of any window pane. Not only does this make your home look less attractive from the exterior, it can affect your ability to properly heat your home in colder months. Window Cleaning professionals have the perfect equipment to extend the life of your windows and help to reduce your home heating costs. Aurum professionals use top of the line equipment, ensuring there are no accidents that might cause injury or damage. Aurum carries comprehensive insurance to protect you, your property and our window cleaners. It is our goal to make every customer happy. Aurum Mississauga offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all window cleaning services. 

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Homes that reside near areas of saltwater may require more window maintenance because of the salt content within the air. As well, being located on a busy road could result in higher levels of debris being left on your windows. If you leave your windows contaminated, it can cause damage and lead to higher heating costs – all unnecessary expenses.

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