Window Cleaning Miami, FL

Miami is an exciting city with a diverse culture, but along with the beautiful sunsets and dazzling nightlife there is also a great deal of crime. There are a wide range of things that can help protect you, but one that is often neglected, is window maintenance. Aurum helps in crime prevention and other safety measures with expert examination and window cleaning, Miami FL residents can rely on.

How Can Window Cleaning Help Keep You Safe?

While cleaning alone isn’t a crime prevention measure, it can help with the following:Fire Escape Route: When your Aurum technician cleans your windows, we’ll be able to see if there is anything on your windows that might make them stick or be non-functional. For example, your window sashes may be painted shut, making them impossible to open in an emergency.

Criminal Deterrent: Rotting wood frames and loose screens can be easy to miss when you’re not used to looking for them, but a trained criminal can use unsecure elements like these for an easier entrance. Our trained team knows what to look for and can alert you to issues you are likely to miss.

Improved Home Appearance: Not only do clean windows improve your curb appeal, they make your home look well cared for which can help deter vandalism and other forms of petty crime.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Window Cleaning, Miami

Aurum takes our commitment to our customers seriously and does everything possible to ensure the safety and satisfaction of clients and our crew. Each of our technicians is rigorously trained, insured and certified on all necessary equipment for windowing Cleaning. Miami, FL residents can rest assured that their windows will not only be washed properly, but also be insured against any accidental damage.For more information and a FREE quote on all of our residential window cleaning, Miami residents can call Aurum at 800-749-0532.