Window Caulking Miami

The Miami sunshine is beautiful but sometimes you want a break from the heat by getting in your air-conditioned home. However, your home might not be as relaxing and cool as it could be if you have faulty window seals. Expert Miami window caulking from Aurum helps to prevent outside air from getting into your home which makes you more comfortable and your energy bills lower.

Benefits of Window Caulking, Miami

The biggest indicator that the seals around your windows aren’t doing their job anymore, is if you feel a draft coming through when the window is closed. Sometimes this is quite obvious, especially on windy days.Money Savings: There are several benefits to properly sealed windows, but in Miami the biggest advantage is the energy savings. With good seals, you’ll see an average savings of 15-20% off your energy bills. This can add up to hundreds of dollars each year, making caulking more than worth it.

Waterproofing: Along with letting in air, poor seals can also take in that Miami rain. This can cause rot on any wood surrounding your windows. It can also cause your home to be more humid and musty smelling.

Allergen Reduction: If you have outdoor allergies that are following you inside, then there’s a good chance the faulty seals around your doors and windows are letting in more of the dust, dirt and pollen that’s swirling around in the air. Expert, Miami window caulking can reduce this and the dirt in your home.

Bug Infestations: Those tiny cracks don’t just let water and air in, they can also be like welcoming signs to tiny insects like ants are other pests. These are an obvious nuisance that can get into food, on furniture and also cause a health hazard.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Get the window caulking Miami homeowners can trust when you call the professionals at Aurum . Each of our technicians is properly trained and insured to get the job done right the first time.Contact Aurum today at 800-749-0532 to learn more about Miami window caulking and to receive a free quote!

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