Solar Panel Cleaning Miami

Now that you’ve made the environmentally friendly choice of installing solar panels, protect your investment with expert Miami solar panel cleaning from Aurum . We’re committed to doing our part to make your business, the city and the environment better for everyone. Our professional cleaning services increase your panels’ efficiency, longevity and more.

Is Miami Solar Panel Cleaning that Important?

Contrary to what you may have heard, rain is not enough to wash away dirt and debris from panels. Professional cleaning is required to remove dirt and ensure the panels generate as much energy as possible. Other reasons cleaning is so important include:Warranty Requirements: Many manufacturers require you to show proof of regular cleanings before they will honor a request for repair or replacement. This is because, regular cleaning is vital to the longevity of your panels.

Increased Energy Output: You can lose up to a quarter of your panels’ energy when you have buildup dirt.

Electric Bills: That reduction in energy output spells disaster for your monthly electric bill. With less power from the solar panels, you’ll have to rely more heavily on expensive electricity.

Going Green with Aurum Solar Panel Cleaning, Miami

Miami is a vibrant city with cultural diversity and exciting nightlife. Aurum is proud of the part we play in keeping this city’s building looking beautiful and running seamlessly. We commend any business that has taken the steps necessary to reduce carbon footprints and improve the health and safety of employees and the environment.We back all of our Miami Solar Panel Cleaning with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get the best performance and highest efficiency possible from your panels. Call us at 800-749-0532 to receive a no obligation quote.

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