Pressure Washing, Miami FL

Spend more time enjoying your deck and home and less time cleaning it when you get expert pressure washing. Miami, FL is home to lots of sunshine and beautiful weather but that heat and other elements can break down wood decks and create a buildup of dirt on fences and the sides of homes. Pressure washing from Aurum is the efficient way to take care of those jobs.

Difference Between Power and Pressure Washing, Miami

You may have heard the terms “pressure washing” and “power washing” used interchangeably. While the process, uses and results are similar enough that you can get away with this, there is a distinct difference between them and that is: temperature. Pressure washing uses cold water while power washing uses hot.  Here’s a basic breakdown of their uses:Uses of Pressure Washing: Miami homes can benefit from pressure washing on larger areas like the sides of homes, brick walls and fences. Since pressure washing requires less energy than power washing, it is ideal for these larger spaces which don’t require as deep of a clean. It can also be used on vehicles.

Uses of Power Washing: Conversely, power washing is best for small, tight spaces like cracks in a driveway or sidewalk to remove weeds. The heat will actually help to kill plant seeds and insect larvae that is in the cracks as well. It is also good for use on decks since the heat is more powerful and can remove old stain when needed. Salt stains and mildew are also no match for this heated method.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Pressure Washing Miami, FL

Aurum backs all our work with the “Gold Guarantee” to ensure you get the best clean each time, every time. Our trained technicians are well versed in power and pressure washing and are insured against any damages or injury that may arise.Call Aurum at 800-749-0532 to receive a free quote!

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