Chandelier Cleaning Miami

Are you tired of wobbling around on an old ladder, trying to clean your chandelier only to still see dust hanging off your light fixture after the job? For many homeowners, this is just how it goes: you spend an hour or more standing on a ladder or chair trying to get all the glass and metal clean only to notice there is still dust and smudges. Avoid wasting your time and risking your safety trying to reach your light fixtures and get local Miami chandelier cleaning from the experts at Aurum .

Expert Miami Chandelier Cleaning for All Fixtures

One of the most difficult things about cleaning chandeliers on your own is that you will likely need several different products to restore their shine. Classic chandeliers contain crystal and brass or other metal and you’ll require different products and techniques to clean those elements. Your chandelier may also have wood, plastic, or even fabric as part of a shade and each of these materials will require different handling. Instead of settling for a substandard job or wasting time and money trying to do each element yourself, let Aurum be your local Miami Chandelier cleaning service. We are trained and equipped to handle all chandelier types including:

  • Ornate crystal chandeliers
  • Shaded fixtures with metal and cloth elements
  • Wooden chandeliers
  • Hard to reach chandeliers in vaulted and cathedral style ceilings
  • Metal chandeliers and pieces
  • Glass polishing in chandeliers

Receive a Free Quote on Chandelier Cleaning, Miami

Call Aurum to learn more about any of our services and we’ll give you a FREE estimate. All our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure each of our customers returns to us for all their local Miami chandelier cleaning needs.Call us at 800-749-0532 to get started on making your home brighter and more inviting.

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