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When you look to hire a professional gutter cleaning company on Maui, experience and safety should be at the forefront of your decision. Gutters serve an important function for your home and cleaning them is more than using a cheap ladder and a pair of work gloves. It is keeping your property clean, safe, and protected. At Aurum, we employ only the most experienced and professional gutter cleaners the industry has to offer.

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Dirty and clogged gutters can cause all sorts of major damage and expensive repairs. The problem is that many homeowners lack the tools, equipment, and time to effectively keep their gutters and downspouts clean, clear, and flowing. Many homes on Maui Island require roof access, ladders, lifts, and rope to do the job correctly. Failure to do so will cause:

Washed-Out Landscaping

Excess water can wreak havoc on your flower beds and garden. Newly installed plants, grass, and trees are especially vulnerable to the constant pounding water flowing from your roof. Also, overflowing gutters cause severe erosion which can scar your landfill.

Aging Driveways

Clogged gutter spouts and misdirected water flow can cause walkways and driveways to crack and sag. Clean gutters will help the water to flow away from your home to areas where it will not cause harm.

Slippery Sidewalks

Overflowing gutters can deposit water on driveways and sidewalks and can cause a safety hazard where people can slip and hurt themselves. Avoid this problem by keeping the gutters clean and the spouts extended away from traffic areas.

Leaking Roofs

Clean gutters and eavestroughs can water build-up and leaks on your roof. Regular gutter cleaning can help maintain your roofs effectiveness and longevity.

Rotten Wood

When gutters clog and water back up, moisture can accumulate and affect the soffit and facia by causing dry rot. When it starts, it only gets worse.  Avoid this with clean gutters and house painting.

Leaking Basements and Cracked Foundations

Gutter clogging is the number one cause of basement flooding. When roof water overflows and accumulates around the home’s foundation it puts pressure on your basement walls, causing them to crack and leak.  Not only is this messy, but far more expensive to repair than regular gutter cleaning.Call Aurum of Maui at 800-749-0532 for a free quote today.

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