Solar Panel Cleaning Las Vegas

Solar panels are the perfect way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint while also reducing your energy bills. However, there is a common misconception that rainwater is enough to clean them. This isn’t true no matter where your panels are but, in Las Vegas, there is so little rain that panels here need even more help. With Las Vegas solar panel cleaning from Aurum , you’re assured of a consistent clean that lets you get the most from your panels.

How Often Should You Get Las Vegas Solar Panel Cleaning?

In urban areas, you can usually get cleaning every 6-8 months. However, more rural areas, closer to the dessert you will want to make sure it is done no less than every 6 months. Rural areas have less buildings to block dirt and debris from landing on your panels and more dirt to begin with. However, there are several other factors that can also affect when you get Las Vegas solar Panel Cleaning, including:Slant of Panels: Steeply slanted panels have the advantage of naturally losing some of their debris just because of their tilt. Flat panels are going to need more frequent cleanings.

Cost Savings: If you find yourself using more electricity and spending more on that bill, then a cleaning could be worth it to increase the amount of energy you get from the sun.

Manufacturer Guidelines: While solar panels tend to last for many years and have warranties for up to 25 years, those warranties can be voided if you don’t have proper cleaning. Many manufactures will require proof of professional cleaning before they will honor repair requests.

Protect your Investment with Solar Panel cleaning, Las Vegas

Aurum is committed to providing you service that you’ll be happy with for years to come. We back all of our work with the “Gold Guarantee” and will do everything possible to ensure you’re satisfied with your solar panel cleaning. Las Vegas customers call us at 800-749-0532 to receive a free, no obligation quote.

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