Janitorial Services Las Vegas

Why are professional janitorial services so Important for your business? While it would be difficult to deny the usefulness of professional custodial services, there are several benefits and reasons that make it a necessary part of your business’s success. These Include:Improved Air Quality: Regular cleaning reduces dust, dust mites and other allergens that are lurking in the air and in your carpets. By minimizing these you’ll help your employees and customers breathe easier and reduce allergy and asthma attacks.

Customer and Employee Retention: While the occasional empty toilet paper roll or dirty floor isn’t going to send anyone screaming, if these are chronic issues in your establishment you may find yourself with dissatisfied customers and customers who feel that no one is really managing or caring about the business.

Worry Free Clean: With Aurum’s comprehensive Las Vegas janitorial services you’ll have one thing or many things crossed off your company’s to-do list. We streamline the maintenance and upkeep or your office with total floor maintenance, product restocking, bathroom sanitation and much more.

Beyond Janitorial Services, Las Vegas

At Aurum , we’re committed to treating your whole building, inside and out. To serve you better, we offer a range of services that go beyond basic janitorial offerings, including:Window Washing: For Both high and low rise buildings, our technicians have all certifications and training necessary to make this difficult job safe and efficient.

Exterior Vent Cleaning: Improve your air quality and energy efficiency with annual exterior vent cleaning. Having this service performed at least once a year prevents a buildup of debris that can lead to more expensive repairs.

Solar Panel Cleaning: Increase the effectiveness of your panels by letting us remove dirt and debris.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Aurum is committed to your total satisfaction with our Las Vegas janitorial services. Call us at 800-749-0532 to learn more about what the “Gold Guarantee” means for your and your business.

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