Improve your buildings reputation going green

ne of the best ways for a residential building owner to improve the reputation of their establishment is by going green. Today, most people are environmentally conscious and don’t want to live in places making excessive contributions to the pollution of the world. There are many ways to go green and there are also plenty of benefits that come with it. In addition to operating a more environmentally friendly building, you may also see vacancy rates declining.

One of the main ways that “going green” is defined for a residential building is becoming LEED certified. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, will give certain buildings their stamp of approval if they adapt energy-efficient policies and make use of the right products. If a building owner is making use of biodegradable products that are better for the environment, then they should see if they can get this certification in order to boost their reputation. With more residential and commercial buildings continuing to be built as the real estate market remains steady, a smart building owner is going to do everything they can to attract tenants to their condos or offices so their investment remains profitable.

What Products Does a Building Need to Use?

People who have never managed a LEED certified building before are probably wondering what is involved. One of the most important things is to change the cleaning chemicals that are being used on a regular basis. Cleaning chemicals need to have a certain UL EcoLogo or Environmental Choice rating. Many maintenance companies use products that are within the range of LEED certification, so a building owner will need to research carefully the chemicals that janitorial providers are using and be sure to contract one that uses environmentally friendly alternatives. In addition to being better for the building, environment, and tenants, some of the products work much better than those with the traditional chemicals in them.

Be Proactive About Maintaining LEED Certification

It’s important to remember that many smaller property maintenance companies sometimes get away with claiming they are using biodegradable products and eco-friendly cleaners when they are not without getting caught, as they are not under as much scrutiny as larger operations may be. Larger businesses that service multiple areas are not able to do this as they are closely monitored. It’s best to partner with companies that have a strong reputation in the industry and that are known for producing or utilizing truly eco-friendly products. This way, there will be no threat to a property manager’s claim to being LEED certified. It can take an investment to get a property LEED-ready, and property managers should protect that investment by partnering with well-known, reputable companies.

It Is Possible To Stay On-Budget and Enjoy the Benefits of LEED Certification

One of the main things a building owner needs to keep in mind is that eco-friendly products can sometimes be more expensive than traditional cleaners. In terms of these items, the phrase “you get what you pay for” can be definitely be applied. A property manager should be wary of maintenance companies coming in with a significantly lower bid than the competition, yet still claiming to use the same products. Additionally, property maintenance companies typically purchase at the ‘supplier’ level, and thus can buy eco-friendly products at a significant discount, which then rolls down to the property management company. Even when factoring the contract and staffing costs, this proves to offer significant savings compared to paying an in-house team in addition to ordering smaller, but pricier, amounts of approved cleaning products.

One of the main benefits of using the right products and being LEED certified is the attraction of potential tenants. A building that has nothing special to offer may have trouble retaining and attracting new tenants. Conversely, this won’t be as big of a problem for those who are keeping up with the latest trends and being environmentally conscious. People who are looking to be as healthy as possible will definitely appreciate the fact that they are living in a building where they won’t suffer from health repercussions because of the chemicals being used there, and will feel better about themselves for supporting environmentally-conscious measures with their tenancy.

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