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We had such a great response from last month’s post about the daily life of a window cleaner, we wanted to revisit the topic and answer some more questions people had about our high-rise window cleaning team. While you may see them often downtown, being so high off the ground can make it a little difficult to stop and have a quick word; but here we hope to satisfy your curiosity.

How do you apply to become a window cleaner?

Just like you do any other job! With Aurum , we post our openings on both our website and LinkedIn and allow people to apply with an easy online form. After receiving applications, they are screened by our Human Resources department who narrow down the pool. Successful applicants are then put through an interview process and criminal record check, followed by a further interview.

You may see other companies posting ads on Craigslist or Kijiji, but be leery – a lot of times they are only looking for seasonal workers, or don’t have the established processes and training of a truly professional maintenance company. Sometimes they even expect you to supply your own equipment!

How do you choose candidates from the resume pool? Any specific qualities or experience you look for?

While it is always nice to find an experienced worker, it’s not necessary. The two most important qualities that a high-rise window cleaner at Aurum needs to have are a strong work ethic and great attention to detail. Lacking a fear of heights is another obvious trait that is needed. Everything else we teach in training.

Well, what’s the training process like?

Extensive! Cleaning high-rise buildings can be dangerous even when properly trained, and we consider the safety of our workers to be of the utmost importance. We have a full training schedule that includes WHMIS training, safety training, skills training, chemical training, Suspended Access training, and Fall Arrest training. All of our high rise window cleaners are also Bosun chair, SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) and IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certified so they can work safely at such large heights.

How long do employees train before going up on a building?

Our employees train for a minimum of a week, plus the time it takes to achieve their certifications.

What are some of the easiest mistakes people make if not trained properly?

No matter how long someone has been on the job, if they get too cocky they’re liable to make a mistake. It’s why at Aurum we always inspect the equipment before beginning any job, and have a building-specific safety plan that is reviewed before anyone even gears up. The most dangerous element of window cleaning is actually the wind, you have to be mindful of its strength at all times.

So, after knowing all this, would you want to be a window cleaner? Have any questions for our crew? Feel free to contact us at Aurum with any of your high rise window cleaning inquiries or needs!

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