How to train a maintenance crew

Regardless of whether you have in-house employees or you’re working with an outsourced company, maintenance efficiency requires thorough training. Their qualifications for the job may be impeccable, however there is always an adjustment period and special requirements to consider for unique properties. Here are some benefits maintenance crew training can provide:

  1. Team-Building: the crew members will know each other and work better as a team
  2. Cost-Efficiency: They will use resources more efficiently and provide better results
  3. Constant Learning: They will stay up-to-date with technology and trends and learn new methods and tricks
  4. Familiarity: They will get used to their work environment and avoid interrupting your business activity


When training your maintenance crew, do not hesitate to get personally involved. Talk to them directly and even offer practical demonstrations, as this will improve communication and ensure a more productive work environment.

If they are your employees, analyze their professional background and sign them up for specialized training. They could go to a local trade school, but the best approach is to have someone train them at their work place. This way, they could apply the theoretical knowledge they acquire to the specifics of your building.

If they are the employees of your service provider, train them to meet your expectations by introducing them to your business, expressing your needs and providing polite feedback on their work. This will help your outsourced partner to become a part of your company’s overall culture.


It is true, maintenance training and long-term collaboration could become costly if you’re consistently hiring new employees or switching service providers on a regular basis. However, proper training and looking after your employees’ performance and handling evaluation with positivity could lead to those realities being non-existent. Should attrition occur, proper training will empower those still in place to pass the message along to new staff/outsourced employees. Training will help you set standards while creating a culture of excellence that those providing the work will want to uphold each and every day they ply their trade on your facility.  Sounds like money well-spent!

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