How To: Operating a Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is one of the quickest and most effective ways to remove dirt and discolouration from your property. This advice will teach you how to operate a pressure washer in the most efficient manner.

1. Rent the Machine

Retailers like Home Depot and local cleaning equipment companies rent pressure washers to do-it-yourselfers for approximately $50.00 to $250.00 a day. It recommended to book the pressure washer for a weekend as pressure washing the exterior of your home, driveway, patio, and steps is probably a two day job. If you like to frequently pressure wash your home, purchasing a pressure washer is recommended and if your house is three or more stories, hire a pro.

2. Consider Cleanser

Although water alone will get rid of a substantial amount of dirt buildup, if you have mold or mildew, it is recommended to use soap as well. Then, you will need to make sure your pressure washer has a compartment for detergent.

3. Prep for Spray

Make sure that before you start, you shut and lock the windows. When you’re working, avoid spraying the windows directly. Because pressure washers are so powerful, water could seep through the sides of your windows and into the house.

4. Test First

Start with the least powerful nozzle, numbered 40 or thereabouts (which indicates a fan-spray pattern of 40 degrees, if you must know). Stand at least three feet away from the house and spray a small area. Stop and check to make sure the spray is not damaging the surface.

5. Wash in Sections

If you’re using only water, work from top to bottom in segments. To remove crud and dirt in corners, opt for a sharper (lower-numbered) nozzle. Keep the spray moving, and always do the entire house. Spot-cleaning just parts of it could leave the place patchy. If you’re using a cleanser, wash from the bottom up, then rinse with fresh water from the top down.

6. Wipe the Windows

After pressure washing, your windows might still be spotted with a little bit of dirt. Try to wipe them down with a lint-free towel before the water dries or it could leave spots.

7. Run Out the Clock

If you have time to spare with your rented pressure washer and you have outdoor furniture made of iron, plastic, or a hardwood, like teak, give it a spray. You’ll see magnificent results.

Pro-Tip: Brick, stucco, or siding doesn’t need to pressure washed. In fact, pressure washing could damage those surfaces. Simply spraying them with a garden hose will remove both dirt and discolouration.

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