Chandelier Cleaning Houston

Proper chandelier cleaning is more than just handing someone a feather duster and hoping for the best. A properly cleaned chandelier serves as both a light source and a beautiful focal point to any room. If you’re not getting professional cleaning, then you’re not getting the most out of that costly light fixture. Get the best impression with your chandelier by calling the experts at Aurum . Our Houston chandelier cleaning services ensure you get the brightest shine every time.

Benefits of Professional Chandelier Cleaning, Houston

It might be tempting to get up on a ladder and simply dust your chandelier on your own, but there are a variety of benefits you can’t ignore about professional chandelier cleaning. Houston homes with these crystal fixtures often have high ceilings which showcase them nicely. However, that height also makes them difficult and dangerous to clean. Along with making the job safer, professional cleaning also:Gives you a Superior Clean: We have the tools and know-how to not only give your chandelier a good dusting, we can also restore the shine of brass and make your whole fixture look newer and brighter.

Makes the Job Safer: The money you think you’re saving by doing the job yourself won’t be worth it if you find yourself falling off a ladder or pulling a muscle trying to reach your light fixture.

Saves You Time and Money: If you want a thorough clean, you’ll need to have specialized tools that get in all those hidden spaces within your chandelier. By hiring a professional, you save the money you would have had to spend on these infrequently used items and you won’t have them taking up space in your home.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Along with all these benefits, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to give you Houston chandelier cleaning you can trust. Call us at 800-749-0532 to receive a free quote!