Giving Back Gold – UPDATE!

The Pledge

About 140 days ago I set on the quest of competing in the Toronto Triathlon. My goal was to lose 80 lbs in 151 days. It was a very ambitious goal.

Truth be told, like many people, health wasn’t a big priority of mine for many, many years. I had the same excuse as everyone else; “I simply do not have the time.” I pretty much had every excuse in the book to be out of shape. 1). My wife was pregnant 2). I own/operate a multi national business with hundreds of employees. 3). We were moving houses at the time, etc.

My goal was to show that if I could find the time to do it, anybody could. My wife thought I was crazy, and told me to wait until things settle down a bit before I made such an extreme pledge. However, for the people that know me, I am a very extreme person. If I set my mind to something, I will not stop until I achieve that goal. I thought I could be superman and accomplish everything that had to get done. This included being a new father, expanding my business even further, being a good husband, and creating not only an active lifestyle, but an astonishing goal of losing all that weight in such a short amount of time.

However, I came to the realization that I am not superman, but simply a man. What I underestimated is the time commitment it takes raising a new baby.  It has been the greatest gift and responsibility that I have ever received. However, with the sleepless nights, a full work-load, I was simply not able to get to the gym 2 times a day. Before my son was born 3.5 months ago, my life revolved around hitting my weight loss target. However, when my son came into this world I had a new ultimate responsibility, and that was being the best father and husband I could be. So I went from working out twice a day to once a day.

Where I’m At Now

All in all, I have lost just under 60 lbs. I did not hit my goal of 80 lbs and it is very disappointing. I do not like failing at anything, and it hurts.

When I began this journey, I pledged that I will donate $100 for every lb that I lost. Therefore, my donation was up to $8000. I feel like I let the folks at Princess Margaret’s Hospital down, and all of the great research they do to conquer cancer. Therefore, today I still made a donation for the full $8000. Furthermore, I am pledging for every lb that I didn’t lose to my target weight, I will donate $150 instead of $100. My failures should not penalize the amazing people at St. Margaret’s.

This whole journey was not easy nor was it consistent. If I sat here and said that I did not fall off the path at all, that would be a great lie. My word of advise to anyone that is trying to achieve a great goal (whether its a weight loss goal, business goal, etc), is to come to the realization that you will fall off the path. Your self discipline is not always strong enough to resist that chocolate bar. However, what makes you successful is that you get back on your path right after it and not have the mindset of “I already had a cheat meal, therefore this entire day is a write-off.”

Many people have the motivation to want to do great things. I had the motivation of achieving my goal weight in this short amount of time. However, motivation is not enough. Motivation helps you get moving, however self discipline is what keeps you going.

Before writing this post, I re-read all the private messages people messaged me. Countless messages of people telling me that I motivated them to lose those extra pounds and taking their health to a new level. It dawned on me that my ultimate goal was still accomplished. This journey was bigger than myself. I wanted to inspire others to go after their goal; be it health or otherwise. Reading those messages showcased that that goal was ultimately accomplished.

Join the Movement

What I ask for is now to open up your hearts and your wallets and make a donation to Princess Margaret’s Hospital. It is one of the leading institutions in the world when it comes to Cancer Research. Every person reading this thread has been touched by cancer in some shape or form. Please click on the link below and make any donation that you can; every dollar counts. The real Superwomen/Supermen’s are in that building on both sides of the aisle. The amazing doctors and researchers working to find a cure for this horrible disease. And most importantly, all of the superheroes fighting this disease and showcasing ultimate strength in front of their family so they don’t worry for them. These are the people that need our support. Lets all show them the support they deserve and require. It is our responsibility to find a cure so no future generation has go through the pain we have all gone through. This is bigger than all of us, so lets all put our little share of help into this.



A message from Michael Morozov CEO of Aurum Window Cleaning:

I wanted to initiate a “healthy living’ culture at my company. A healthy body brings a healthy mind. I realized it would be hypocritical if the CEO is out of shape as he preaches this onto his staff. I wanted to lead by example, and thus I decided to register myself and many of the peers at Aurum to participate in the Toronto Triathalon.

My goal is to get in top shape for this triathlon and lose 80 lbs by July 23, 2017 (151 days). This is a very ambitious and difficult goal, but it is fully doable. For every lb I lose, Aurum will donate $100 to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. This is an amazing cause as I am sure everyone has been touched in one way or another with this horrible disease. I have witnessed how people larger and stronger than life itself were brought down with this disease. I believe this is a great cause that requires all of our support. 

My wife and I just had a newborn baby, and I realized that health should be a top priority of mine, not only for myself but for my newly constructed family. The security and well-being of my family is my ultimate responsibility, and I must take care of myself to be around for a long time. Truth be told, health hasn’t been a major concentration of mine as I have been pre-occupied building my business. That changes today with this public announcement!

Our other employees, suppliers, and customers are welcome to donate to this cause. Our total goal is to raise $50,000.00 for this charity.

Thank you so much for your support and with your help, we will CONQUER CANCER IN OUR LIFETIME!


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