Why Should I Get My Windows Cleaned?

Besides making your home brighter and improving its overall appearance, a professionally-done window cleaning can also help prevent or warn you of potentially dangerous problems. However, those are only a few of the many reasons why you should consider getting your windows professionally cleaned.

A professional window cleaner has been around enough windows to tell when there is an issue. They are easily able to identify problems like sashes that are painted shut, window screens that don’t fit right, rot on windowsills, or just plain damaged windows. They’ll spot the problem early enough that you can take the precautionary measures that will save you a big expense later.

3. The Pros Can Remove Insect Infestation

It isn’t uncommon for bees and hornets to build nests behind your window shutters. Ladybugs also commonly build nests in channels, which make the windows not function properly. Professional window cleaners can help remove those pesky insects and bring your windows back to full functionality.

4. They’ll Extend the Life of a Window

Aged aluminum screens that have not moved in years can gradually etch a pattern of deposits on the glass. Not only is the etched glass unattractive, but it is also more prone to cracks and chips. A professional window washer can restore etched glass and extend your window’s life with a treatment of muriatic acid.

5. They Will Use The Right Supplies and Tools

Professional window cleaners will use the right products to clean your glass based on its state and age without damaging it. For instance, if you have leaded or stained glass, you may unintentionally be damaging it if you’re using an ammonia-based window cleaning solution. Professional window cleaners will also have the correct equipment (i.e. ladders, telescoping tools) to safely clean your home and reach those hard-to-get-to places.

6. They’ll Find The Reasons For Those Pesky Spots

If you’re confused about what is causing those annoying little spots on your glass, it’s very possible that your mulch is to blame. A professional window-cleaning service will be able to easily pinpoint the source of your problem and will also give you advice on what steps to take next.

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