Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We sincerely apologize if our cleaner did not show up within the service window. While this is a very urgent matter, please call us on our non-emergency line at 1-800-749-0532 and press 1 to be immediately connected to one of our CSR’s so they can get to the bottom of it ASAP!

No problem, we understand that things change on the go. Lucky enough, if we are servicing either your exterior windows or eaves or anything else that is external, you don’t need to be home, we simply leave the invoice at the front door, and you can give us a call afterwards for payment. If we are required however to come inside, please call our CSR team at 1-800-749-0532 and press 1.

So sorry for this, please call our CSR team at 1-800-749-0532 and press 1 to schedule a free re-clean. Let us know when works well for you, and we will come by to re-clean the missed window.

This is an extremely rare situation but accidents do happen. Thankfully, we are covered by a $20,000,000 insurance policy. Give us a call on our Emergency Line: 1-800-749-5168 and we will send out a specialist ASAP!

Awesome! We love to help our customers out by giving them some free airmiles, speak to one of our A/R reps here 1-800-749-0532 to get some airmiles added.


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