Everything You Need To Know About Your Windows

We know property maintenance terminology can be confusing. Sometimes window cleaning companies say they’ll clean your sills but not your stiles. What’s the difference? Well, here is every term you need to know regarding your windows.

Apron: The horizontal piece of trim underneath the sill.

Glass: AKA “light” or “glazing”. Four main kinds are available

  1. Dual Panel
  2. Low Emissivity
  3. Hurricane Resistant
  4. Decorative

Grille: AKA “grid” or “muntin”. The grille is the decorative cross piece that divide the window into panes. Some grilles are suspended between the glass whereas others snap off for easy cleaning. Grilles are commonly confused with mullions, however mullions are vertical or horizontal pieces between adjoining window units.

Head: The horizontal piece that forms the top of the window frame.

Jamb: The pieces that form the top, sides, and bottom of the window frame (includes the head).

Lock: Most new windows come with locks, and there are upgrades, such as magnetic locks, that allow windows to lock automatically when closed.

Rail: The horizontal part of a sash.

Sash: The movable part of the window; the framework that holds the glass in place.

Sill: A piece that runs along the base of the window frame.

Stile: The vertical part of a sash.

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