Solar Panel Cleaning in Edmonton

You’ve taken a great first step to benefiting your business and the environment by employing solar power. Now, make that energy work even better for you with Aurum’s professional Edmonton Solar Panel Cleaning. We do the job that rain water simply can’t do and get your panels sparkling clean and better able to generate power as they should be.

Increasing Efficiency with Solar Panel Cleaning, Edmonton

The idea of cleaning your panels is more than just a way to make them look nicer. Regular, proper cleaning is the only way to get the maximum efficiency standards set forth by the manufacturer. These numbers are based on optimal conditions and, optimal definitely doesn’t mean caked in wet leaves and dirt.

How Much Efficiency Are You Losing?

The World Academy of Science, Engineering & Technology has found that dirt buildup on panels is one of the biggest reasons panels lose efficiency. This is confirmed by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory which found that buildup can translate to a 25% drop in energy output. Not only will you not get as much power from your panels, but you’ll also be stuck with larger electricity bills to make up for it.

Do All Panels Need Cleaning?

Yes. Whether you have panels at a high slant or ones that are flat, they both need help being cleaned. However, flat panels usually need more care since they are not angled to help slide some debris off naturally.

Satisfaction Guarantee for Solar Panel Cleaning, Edmonton

Aurum’s commitment to our customers’ satisfaction is as strong as our dedication to the environment. For all of our green services, we back our work with a complete satisfaction promise. To find out more about what the Aurum can mean for your business, call us at 800-749-0532 for a Free quote!

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