Snow Removal Edmonton

At Aurum , we take your safety and satisfaction seriously. This is why, unlike many other companies, we offer unlimited Edmonton snow removal. Instead of limiting our customers then charging huge fees later when there is more snow, we make it our top priority to be there for you no matter how many times it snows during a season.

Importance of Snow Removal, Edmonton

When you live in a city with heavy snowfall, proper snow removal can make the difference between business as usual and losing revenue due to customers and workers being unable to get onto your property.

Safety: Heavy snow is more than just an inconvenience; slippery conditions can cause car crashes and slip and fall injuries. Your employees may be in a hurry and get their car stuck in snow on your driveway or customers may slip on ice in your parking lot. Both of these things can cause serious physical injury and property damage.

Legal: As a business owner, you’re responsible for the upkeep and safety of your parking lot. In many cases, even if a person has auto insurance, their insurance company refuse to pay for damage that was the result of your failure to maintain your property. This is also true for slip and fall cases when it can be proven that you neglected to have adequate snow and ice maintenance.

Staying Safe with Aurum Snow Removal, Edmonton

Don’t leave your property to chance, get Aurum’s superior Edmonton snow removal. We ensure you’re never left with an unsafe property thanks to our policy of unlimited snow plowing sessions. Learn more about what the Gold Guarantee can do for your business by calling 1-800-749-0532 for fast, friendly service. Our knowledgeable representatives can set up with a free, no obligation cost estimate and consultation!