Commercial Pressure Cleaning


Spend more time enjoying your home and less time cleaning it with expert Edmonton pressure washing services. Aurum’s experienced technicians have the tools and know-how to blast through your home maintenance list with the versatile pressure washing method. Choose one or more of our washing services to get your home looking great.

Edmonton Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing is your home’s number one weapon against dirt and grime. With Aurum’s professional Toronto pressure washing services,we’ll clean the sides of your home, fences, deck, driveway and more. Choose one or all of our services for a better, cleaner home!

Best Uses of Edmonton Pressure Washing

Edmonton’s harsh winters and deep snow can take a toll on your car, home’s exterior and more. Fortunately, getting rid of the dirt and salt left behind from these weather conditions are easy work for pressure washing. Edmonton homeowners can count on our services to clean all these items and more:Vehicles and Machinery: If you have boats, bikes, lawnmowers, cars, tractors or any number of vehicles on your property, power washing can blast grime with ease.

Concrete: Sidewalks, driveways and walkways are all susceptible to staining and weed growth in cracks. Pressure washing’s fine-tuned stream allows us to remove stains and weeds. When hot water is used, we can even kill remaining seeds to prevent weeds from growing back quickly.

Fencing and Home Siding: With the right pressure washing settings, even these large areas take much less time.

Prime for Staining and Paint: While pressure can be used to simply clean areas, it can also be used to strip paint and stain from decks and homes.

The Aurum Advantage: Professional Pressure Washing, Edmonton

Our Edmonton pressure washing services give you a clean that is safe, fast and cost effective. With the risks of improper pressure washer use, including physical injury and damage to property, this is a task best left to professionals.We back all our work with 100% satisfaction guarantee and are insured to cover any issues that may arise.  To find out what the Aurum advantage can do for your home, call us at 800-749-0532 and request a no obligation quote!

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