Edmonton Chandelier Cleaning

If that elaborate hanging light fixture in your business is looking like less and less of a good idea as you consider how to clean it, then you need expert Edmonton chandelier cleaning from Aurum . Intricate, hanging lighting is a gorgeous addition to many businesses and can add a touch of elegance and class. However, cleaning them can be too big of a job when you’re not prepared. We have all the necessary equipment and training to make the job fast and efficient without you ever climbing up a ladder.

Edmonton Chandelier Cleaning for all Hanging Light Fixtures

While traditional metal and crystal chandeliers with an abundance of small, delicate parts are still a popular choice, there are many modern and unique versions as well. Gold STandard is prepared to handle each type with precision, including:

  • Rustic: Chandeliers that incorporate elements like wood, stone and even animal antlers are a unique addition to right kind of decor. We can clean these eclectic pieces with expert technique.
  • Modern: On the other end of the spectrum, modern chandeliers tend to use a lot of metal, plastic or glass to create a sleek look. We can restore luster to metal pieces and shine to mirrored and glass parts.
  • Traditional: Our Edmonton chandelier cleaning can make short work of even the most ornate, classic chandeliers. We expertly handle each crystal and work our way around the delicate curves of brass and silver areas.
  • Small and Shaded Hanging Light Fixtures: If you have smaller chandeliers hanging over tables in a restaurant or other similar situation, these need cleaning just as much as larger pieces. We expertly detail each one to ensure dust doesn’t find its way down.

Free Quote on Chandelier Cleaning, Edmonton

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